SAILOR'S HARBORS                                                                          

January 2011 - June 2011


The main aim of the Sailors Harbours is to motivate and empower participants to become more active in their communities regarding the topics of social rights. We wish to do this by exploring the concept of active participation and by looking into different creative tools also found in non-formal education. These are used in order to address issues participants find important to be voiced out in their local community. At the end of the project we hope to achieve a number of empowered young people who understand their ability to bring the change they see are needed in the community.

See the changes HERE.



The Face It! Training course was designed for experienced facilitators who are active on local, national or international level and who have a keen interest in facilitating youth groups with an intercultural and/or international dimension. The course offered the participants a safe and supportive environment to reflect on their facilitators competences and encouraged them to set challenging learning objectives The course took place in Estonia in October 17-24th and included 24 youth workers/facilitators from different countries all over the Europe. 

Here are some pictures of the training course. 

Here you can also watch short video. Enjoy!

This project is carried out with the support of the European Community programme Youth in Action.