EVT vabatahtlike soovitused algajatele / EVS volunteers' suggestions for beginners 06. aug

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2014/15 vabatahtlike aastal viibisid Eestis 14 vabatahtlikku eri Euroopa riikidest. Oma viimasel hindamiskohtumisel jagasid noored soovitusi uutele vabatahtlikele:

2014/15 year of volunteers there were 14 volunteers from different European countries in Estonia. On their last evaluation meeting they gave suggestions for future volunteers:

don't expect things to happen like you want, maybe you don't get friends, your workmates don't try to speak to you, or your duties at work are not going to be the ones you expect, but enjoy all the things cause you find other ways - Julia, SPA

don't worry so much about integrating yourself, don't try to be local cause you are not - Sylvain, FRA

don't be afraid of anything. life is an experience, if you don't try you don't learn or evolve - Ragna, GER

be more open than shy, get to know a lot of different people, try stuff you don't think you can do - Lena, GER

do not have so many expectations - Giulia, ITA

enjoy every minute and don't underestimate estonian winter - Antonia, GER

learn the language in the beginning - Katharina, GER

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