Avatud Meeled :: Open Minds 

What is Open Minds?

In 2013 spring began a youth project Avatud Meeled (Open Minds) with the purpose of supporting the development of a tolerant and understanding attitude towards disabled and people with special needs in the society. During this project a group of youth living with mixed abilities created a workshop about disabilities and stereotypes. Workshop is conducted by youth to youth and held in schools, camps, youth centers, etc.

Volunteer for Open Minds:

We are constantly looking for volunteers to join our Open Minds team. Don't worry, before we expect you to go to schools to make the workshop, we give you proper preparation.

Workshop is put together by youth who live with disabilities or have had experiences with prejudices towards disabilities. Real experiences, real life stories!

Contact for more info:

Kai Raku 
project manager
Heleri Luuga 
project assistant

Initiation of the project was funded by Eropean Economic Area incentives mediated by NGO Fund Open Estonia

Logo: Open Estonia Foundation